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Blue Billy ,Western Australia.

The Blue Billy Project is located within the Edmund Basin in Western Australia and is targeting sedimentary zinc deposits similar to those found in the Mt Isa-Century District of north-west Queensland.

Previous exploration in the area located many anomalous zinc values (up to 0.5% Zn) within a pyritic black shale horizon (the Blue Billy Formation) containing indicator elements characteristic of a distal halo to SEDEX-style zinc mineralisation.

Compilation of regional data has identified structural complexities in the area of interest and the possibility of localised sub-basins reflecting priority targets for sediment hosted zinc. The Company’s tenement covers a regional scale fault ~10km down-dip from the known zinc occurrences.

Re-processing of seismic data collected by State and Regional Government Departments identified potential growth faulting in close proximity to the Talga fault and four target areas have been highlighted for diamond drilling (four holes – 3100m) to test the target stratigraphy and provide potential vectors to ore. Access preparations and required approvals are in progress for drilling to commence in July 2017.

Blue Billy Project Location

Blue Billy JV Location & Drill Hole Locations


The company is currently exploring within Australia & Peru and holds in excess of 2,800 km² of exploration title (granted tenements and tenement applications).


Company office & mailing address:
8 Kearns Crescent, Ardross WA 6153
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Phone: 08 9364 3866
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